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Takanari by Saiyuri-Taiyou
This is my OC Takanari from my comic idea Demonic Toilet. I used to work on little fun things for this idea a long time ago, but I have been much too busy since I started going to college....It's been probably three years since i really drew him and the others from DT - my artwork sure has changed a lot.
B.A.M.G. - KittyBomb by Saiyuri-Taiyou
B.A.M.G. - KittyBomb
There is a story behind this.

When I was 12 I had the two most awesome friends in the world, and we created characters and a story and all sorts of nifty stuff. One day I created a cheesy little comic strip about us having a sleep over and watching a horror film (called Bloody Ate my Guts). We attacked the pizza man in the comic (it's a long story I guess, and really not as funny to anyone but us hahaha) and then that one comic spawned about four or five others about the Pizza man trying to get revenge.

This is the first Bloody Ate my Guts comic (as I now call them) in probably 8 years. Me and my friends don't see each other much anymore, but I always will have my memories ^^ So here's the first BAMG comic in a long time - Kitty Bomb!
The force of the blast was too strong. Killua was forced backward, using all of his strength just to keep his footing. His throat was raw from screaming, and he could hardly see through the dust and debris around him.
Killua’s heart pounded in his chest. 'How could this have happened?'
Gradually, the debris began to clear, and Killua could see the gigantic crater that lay before him. He walked up to the edge and searched. Where is he? After a few agonizing moments that seemed an eternity, Killua spotted him. Without a second’s hesitation, Killua threw himself into the crater. He knew it was Gon. No way could Neferpitou have survived a blast of that magnitude. But despite that reassurance, he was more afraid than ever.
'What did he have to pay? What did he sacrifice?'
Was it possible to even come out of a situation like this alive?
As he drew nearer, Killua’s breath caught in his throat. Everything was covered in blood. Red blood. Gon’s blood. If he hadn't known otherwise, Killua wouldn't have been able to tell that the figure before him was his best friend. Gon’s ragged body was now tiny, frail, warped. Tears welled up in Killua’s eyes. He had held them at bay for so long, letting them loose only once, when in truth he had easily felt like breaking any minute. Now that his best friend lay before him, he could no longer contain his emotion.
Killua dropped to his knees at Gon’s side. His right arm was gone, and he wasn’t breathing. With trembling fingers, Killua touched Gon’s neck. His skin was hot and sticky – completely covered in grime and blood.
There was no pulse.
“No! No! Dammit, Gon!” In his frustration, Killua punched the ground. The skin on his knuckles cracked, but he didn’t care. “You can’t do this to me...”
Killua had never felt so lost before in his life. His mind was blank. 'What am I supposed to do?'
“You always do this,” Killua’s voice caught. He could barely speak above a whisper, but he continued, “You always do stuff like this. And now you left me behind again, but this time…you left me alone.”
For the first time, Killua looked at Gon’s face. His long black hair was plastered across it. Without even meaning to, Killua reached forward and brushed some of it aside. When he did, his nen sparked. A small flash of blue ran the length of his fingertip.
Looking at his hand Killua wondered, 'Is it because I came in contact with Gon’s residual nen?' He didn’t know why he cared. Gon was dead. What point was there in being curious about anything? Maybe it was just to take his mind off the pain. But as he sat there for a few moments, thinking, he had an idea.
'My nen is very low, and I need to recharge, but this is the only option I have.' Killua attempted to calm his emotions. He dried his eyes on his sleeve, and tried to focus. He imagined all of the nen that he had left, circling to his hand.
“You better not die, you bastard – not until you apologize!” Killua raised his fist, and came down hard on Gon’s chest. His lightning type nen shocked Gon, and his body arched upward. After the bout, Killua checked Gon’s pulse again. Nothing.
'I just need a little more nen...' Killua knew that using too much of his nen was dangerous. But none of that mattered to him. If he couldn’t do this, Gon would be lost forever. He summoned more nen – as much as he possibly could.  
“I won’t lose you,” He hit his fist into Gon’s chest.
“I can’t lose you!” Another punch.
“You’re - ,” Killua sobbed hysterically between blows. “You’re, my precious friend! I won’t lose you, Gon!”
With one final heave, Killua slammed his fist into Gon’s chest a final time. Killua doubled over in exhaustion. He knew he had used too much nen. He could hardly feel his limbs. With a grunt, he lifted his head and gazed at Gon. There were still no signs of life.
“No way….” Killua hung his head in defeat. 'He really is…'
Killua had never felt so broken.
Cold shivers flew down Killua’s spine. He looked up in fright. Before him, a black cloud began to swirl around Gon’s body. 'This is…nen? But that means –'
Looking closer, Killua realized that Gon’s chest raggedly rose and fell. “He’s….alive.” A wave of relief flooded Killua, but his elation was immediately replaced but distress. Sure, Gon was alive, but his body was irreparably damaged. The black cloud of nen surrounded him and looked menacing – it had to be the curse that held him bound after the sacrifice he had made.
Killua walked up to Gon, and grabbed his left arm. He was so fragile. Killua’s once strong and athletic friend, was now nothing but frail bone. Killua gently lifted his friend onto his back.
'Don’t worry, Gon. I’ll set this right.'
I Won't Lose You
So....this is the first fanfic that I have ever wrote in my life haha. I usually stay away....but I just had this idea for the scene between what happens after Gon's battle with Pitou and when Palm sees Killua carrying Gon on his back. 

This is a Hunter x Hunter fanfic, and it's about Gon and Killua, but there is no fluff or shota or any of that. Sorry to all the Kirugon shippers out there!

Please take the time to read it >_<
A Little Coffee by Saiyuri-Taiyou
A Little Coffee
I ship TouKen like no other.

However, I love Sasaki like no other.

I have very mixed feelings about Kaneki/Sasaki.......

On the one hand, I really want Kaneki back.....but on the other, I love seeing him so much more free and happy with his life as Sasaki. But I want him to remember Touka! And Hide! But, I don't want him to go insane again.....

Ugh. So many mixed feelings! Why must I love both personalities of the same dang character?! Kaneki or Sasaki? Which one do I want to be in charge? Haha. Either way I hope he at least builds some sort of relationship with Touka if he doesn't remember her soon.....T_T
Kakuja by Saiyuri-Taiyou
With this picture I just played around with an already existing drawing from the actual Tokyo Ghoul manga. 

So, this is just a simple coloring job.

.....Kakuja Kaneki is pretty freaky.


You don't understand how much I wish Kaneki could be happy T_T


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