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"You can say anything at all. Whatever you want." Catherine proded.  She continued staring at him as if she would be able to force information out of him by doing so. It began to make Aubry uncomfortable, and he blurted, "I hate lima beans,"
Catherine laughed, and the other kids snickered. Samantha rolled her eyes. Aubry blushed. "Well then," Catherine said, "I'll try to remember not to give you any next time." She faced Hunter and Carl and said, "Would you two show him to your room, please?"
Carl immediately began to protest, "Our room? Please tell me that you don't mean he's going to be staying in the same room as us?"
"Of course he's staying with you," Samantha mumbled, "he sure isn't going to be staying in my room."
"Sorry, Carl, but there isn't enough room with the younger boys, and I didn't think it was appropriate to put him in the same room as Sam, so he's going to have to stay with the two or you. After all, there were three of you up there to begin with anyway."
Carl did not look happy about that. He folded his arms and glared at Aubry. Hunter seemed to be fine with it - at least he didn't say otherwise. He simply stood there, staring at the floor.
"Well, come on then." Carl growled as he turned sharply around and headed up the stairs. Hunter followed after him without saying anything, Aubry bringing up the rear. As they began to ascend a flight of stairs in the center of the house, Catherine yelled after them, "Dinner will be ready in about an hour! Try and show Aubry around a little bit before then!"
Carl grumbled all the way up the stairs. They climbed two small flights before they reached a hallway that broke off into two directions. To the right there were two doors, and on the left there were three. There were no decorations on the walls - they simply sat empty, their paint slowly beginning to peel away.
To Aubry's surprise, Carl and Hunter didn't head to the left or to the right. Carl stepped forward and grabbed a chain that hung from the ceiling and pulled down. A trapdoor swung open, revealing a ladder that he proceeded to unfold. Once it was stretched down to the floor, Carl began to climb. After Carl went Hunter, and finally Aubry followed suit.
At the top of the ladder was a tiny attic. Three matresses were laid out on the floor covered with blankets and pillows.  Carl walked forward and plopped down on his own matress - the one closest to the trapdoor. "You get the one over by the window," He said sourly.
Aubry walked over and set his backpack down on the matress. Dust puffed up into the air as it made contact and made Aubry sneeze.
"Sorry," Hunter finally spoke for the first time, "that matress hasn't been used since Joey was still around."
"Who's Joey?" Aubry asked.
"He's just another kid who lived here - nothing that concerns you." Carled murmured. He threw Hunter an annoyed look. Hunter seemed to retreat inside of himself after that. He kept his head down, and didn't say another word.
Aubry could already tell that he wasn't going to get along very well with this kid.
"So," Carl laid back on his matress. With how nonchalant he was acting, Carl seemed to have already let the fact that he was supposed to be annoyed with Aubry go. "Where are you from?"
This sudden change of pace made Aubry nervous. He had no desire to share his life story with some bully he had just met - and he definitely didn't want to give the kid any material that he could use against him in any rude or embarassing ways. Aubry had been to enough new places before that he knew what to avoid saying right off the bat when meeting someone for the first time.
"Does it really matter?" He asked.
Carl's lip curled up in a smile. "I guess not," he said. After studying Aubry for a second, Carl said, "So you've been through a few of these before, huh?"
"Yeah, a few."
"Well let me tell you some stuff about this one," Carl stood and took a few steps toward Aubry. "Things here are different than the other foster homes you've been through, okay? Want to know why?"
Aubry put his hands in his pockets and faced Carl. "Why?" He asked.
"Because I am in charge here. We have a very specific order in this family." He beckoned to Hunter, who stood and gloomily slumped over. "Isn't that right, Twitchy?" He looped his arm over Hunter's neck and grabbed his nose.
It was pathetic to watch. Aubry grew annoyed with every second that Carl tormented Hunter. After a few seconds, Carl let go, and Hunter backed up clutching a very bright red nose. Carl looked at Aubry, "You get the picture, Twig?"
Aubry took a few seconds to answer. When he finally did, he placed his hand on his chest and incredulously said, "Oh, wait, I'm 'twig'? Sorry, I got a little confused when you started switching names on me like that."
Aubry saw Hunter's mouth turn up in a smile.
Carl's eyes narrowed. "I'm trying to make friends here,"
"Doesn't seem like it to me."
"Oh, calm down boys,"
Aubry looked past Carl and saw Samantha standing at the top of the trapdoor. She had her hands on her hips and looked as through she were ready to slap someone. Carl turned toward her and groaned.
"What are you doing up here?" He asked.
"Me? What are you doing?" She walked up to Carl and pushed him out of the way.
"So," Catherine turned her attention to Aubry. "You must be Aubry. It's wonderful to finally meet you." She smiled sweetly, kindly putting her hand on Aubry's shoulder. She spoke so sincerely that Aubry almost believed what she said. Out of every foster mother he had gone through, Catherine seemed to show the most promise right off the bat in his eyes. But he still didn't believe her one bit.
"I'll leave him in your care then, Mrs. Altor." The social worker shook hands with Catherine, then turned her attention toward Aubry. "I hope you settle in here," she lifted her hand as if wanting to shake Aubry's. Being caught a little off guard, he didn't react fast enough. He stared at her hand blankly for a few seconds before he realized what she had intended - however, by then she had already lowered her hand in embarrassment.
Aubry looked at the ground. The social worker made her way back to the front door, and as she left she called over her shoulder, "Good luck, kid."
The door shut, and Aubry began to grow anxious. Catherine didn't say anything more to him - she walked away and called a list of names out the back door. After a few minutes, a total of seven other kids stood before Aubry.
There were the three boys he had seen previously (all covered in purple, green, and red marker), then there were three older boys, and one girl.  All of them looked like they were no older than fifteen. Aubry was fourteen, himself, and was curious what it would be like to be around so many kids his age.
"Kids, this is Aubry. He's going to be the newest edition to our little family, so please be nice to him."
There was that word again - family. Why would he think of these kids as his family? He had never met any of them before. Catherine wasn't his mother, and never would be. He was only here because others thought that he was too young to look after himself.
Turning to Aubry, she began to list the names of the kids. The three little boys were named Jack, Timmy, and George, (Timmy was the one who wasn't wearing pants).
The girl's name was Samantha. She stood with her arms folded, staring at Aubry as if she disapproved of his presence. She dressed in all black, and smacked away at a large wad of chewing gum. Aubry didn't think he liked her very much.
The two boys who looked to be Aubry's age were named Hunter, and Carl. Hunter had the look of a stereotypical nerd - big glasses, graphic T-shirt with some obscure fan reference, and a very slight build. He wouldn't even look Aubry in the eye.
Carl was the exact opposite. Just looking at the guy made Aubry feel a little intimidated. Despite being young, the kid was big. Aubry guessed that he probably was some sort of jock - a football player, or a wrestler. Aubry caught a flash of a smirk as Carl glared at him.  He probably thinks I'm a pushover, Aubry thought.
Aubry had been around a lot of bullies before in his life - and despite his appearance, Carl really didn't scare him one bit.
Catherine faced Aubry, "Why don't you tell us a little about yourself?"
"Tell us something about yourself. What do you like to do? What's your favorite food? Stuff like that."
Aubry didn't want to say anything. He just wanted to get the meet and greet over with and get on with his new life.
"I don't know,"
Samantha tapped her foot and popped a big fat bubble.
Aubry didn't think that he would ever understand what that word really meant. How many "families" had he gone through now? Four? Five? This one would be no different than the last.
The social worker rang the doorbell of the large white, barn-like house for the second time. She seemed to be growing impatient.
But of course she was, right? She probably had other children to deliver.
Behind the door came a loud thunk. The social worker's hand flew to Aubry's shoulder in fright, and Aubry rolled his eyes and stuffed his hands in his pockets. New place or not, he couldn't wait to get the lady off of his back.
As the door opened, Aubry came to understand the nature of the loud noise they had heard. There were three rowdy young boys standing before them in the doorway - all shirtless (one pant-less) and covered in a blur of bright colors. The pant-less boy was laying on the ground face first, crying into the shabby floor mat that lay at the bottom of the stairs, while another boy sat on him, taking a purple marker to his back.
They all seemed to be younger than eight - the boy who had opened the door was easily the oldest, and he stood there staring at the two strangers on the porch with a blank look in his eyes, his mouth gaping open as if he didn't know what to say, one hand absently picking at his lower lip.
The social worker finally composed herself and, in the best "child" voice she could muster, she asked, "Is Mrs. Altor home?"
The boy on the carpet stopped crying and looked up. The second boy who had been drawing and laughing the entire time also turned and offered a blank stare, as if just noticing their presence.
Aubry began to grow uncomfortable with all three pairs of eyes staring at them.
"She's taking a bath," the boy on the floor grumbled. Silence filled the air. It was as if the social worker had been completely caught off guard and didn't know what to say. Eventually, she let out a sigh. "This place is always out of control,"
Aubry threw her a glance as if to say, no kidding!
The door shut in their face.
"Are you serious?" Aubry asked incredulously.
"The Altor residence is well known for being...difficult." The social worker said.
"Then why are they allowed to be foster parents?"
The social worker fixed Aubry with her bright blue eyes. "They have a bit of special circumstances."
"Excuse me? What do you mean?"
"Well --,"
The door flew open again. A woman with chestnut brown hair stood nearly panting in the doorway. "I am so sorry," were the first words to come out of her mouth.
She invited them inside, introduced herself as Catherine Altor, and explained how she had been forcibly indisposed in the bathroom after the three boys Aubry had seen earlier had locked her in her own bathroom. He didn't even bother to ask her how - he was sure that he'd find out sooner or later.
Aubry Scarlet - Part 1
I have decided to do NaNoWriMo this year.

This story is one that i have been planning for about three years now, and it's sorta like my baby. I recently had a breakthrough for a plot hole i was having, and that is what made me decide to use it for NaNoWriMo.

So what I am thinking is that as I write for NaNo I will probably post stuff on here as well.

I don't think I have very many watchers on the literature side of DA, but if anyone is interested in taking a look at this and letting me know what you think I would be very grateful. It's not very long because it's just the very beginning - Like Chapter 1 Part 1 Basically.
I think it's time to start cranking out the novel ideas again.
-FURY- by Saiyuri-Taiyou
Uh...I feel like I used too much dark in this's supposed to have a shadow of nen gon in the background and the white spot is sorta his "eye" thing....yeah, I dunno. It didn't quite work out the way I wanted.

Hopefully it looks okay anyway though....


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