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A Little Coffee by Saiyuri-Taiyou
A Little Coffee
I ship TouKen like no other.

However, I love Sasaki like no other.

I have very mixed feelings about Kaneki/Sasaki.......

On the one hand, I really want Kaneki back.....but on the other, I love seeing him so much more free and happy with his life as Sasaki. But I want him to remember Touka! And Hide! But, I don't want him to go insane again.....

Ugh. So many mixed feelings! Why must I love both personalities of the same dang character?! Kaneki or Sasaki? Which one do I want to be in charge? Haha. Either way I hope he at least builds some sort of relationship with Touka if he doesn't remember her soon.....T_T
Kakuja by Saiyuri-Taiyou
With this picture I just played around with an already existing drawing from the actual Tokyo Ghoul manga. 

So, this is just a simple coloring job.

.....Kakuja Kaneki is pretty freaky.


You don't understand how much I wish Kaneki could be happy T_T
Okay, okay, okay, okay.

Coming from someone who places the manga in her top five favorites of all time, I struggle with the anime in that regard. BUT - I do still love the anime. Mostly, I just enjoy the sort of thrill you get from seeing and hearing all of the things that go along with the story. Is the manga a better plotline? Yeah. But does the anime have awesome music, and awesome (just freaking amazing) music, and voice acting? Yes. And the color palate is quite nice as well.

Did I cry in the final episode? Heck yes. As soon as Unravel started playing I was a wreck. The series is beautiful in either format.

However, despite how sad it was, it was no where near as absolutely horrible, gut wrenching and sad as the manga. And, if you have read TG, you know that those are kinda the feelings you should expect from basically every chapter. There is more content and depth in the manga, and the characters are more dimensional whereas in the anime the things that are omitted sometimes make situations and characters fall a little flat.

But back to the ending for a second here. In the end of the anime, sure, we don't really know if Kaneki is alive or dead. They basically edited out the entire fight between him and Arima and let the anime just END. That's basically it. And we know for certain that Hide is really dead (which just ripped out my soul seeing Kaneki carrying him....T_T....through all the dead bodies.....and Unravel playing....that is such a gorgeous song.....)


The manga is WORSE. We don't know if Hide is alive or dead at the end. But, the problem is that we don't know if Hide was EATEN or not. By Kaneki. With his horrible injury Kaneki retreats into the sewers and runs into Hide. Kaneki is already going a little insane from hunger, and he doesn't believe Hide is real. Then he blacks out and wakes up with the taste of blood in his mouth. That is all we get. THAT'S IT. No more talk of Hide. Is he dead? is he alive? No one knows! But it's strongly implied that Kaneki ATE him.

And then the actual manga ends with Kaneki getting ripped up and speared in the face by Arima! Much happier, right?

I heard that Tokyo Ghoul Root A (how do you make that symbol on a keyboard pad??) is more like an alternate ending to the manga, but either way. Both are insanely sad - but the manga is definitely more gut wrenching.

I can't exactly say which one I prefer, because that's like saying that you prefer having your toenails ripped off instead of your fingernails, but I can say that both are definitely amazing, and that they both touch your soul. 

And then shred it up.

And then make you loose faith in humanity.

Ok, I am exaggerating.


Why can't Kaneki just find happiness!! T_T
Saiyuri X Saiyuri by Saiyuri-Taiyou
Saiyuri X Saiyuri
I found a Hunter X Hunter 30 day drawing 1 was to draw yourself as a hunter.

Get it? Saiyuri X Saiyuri........Hunter X Hunter......clever, right?? No? hmmm.
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Takoru by Saiyuri-Taiyou
It's kinda weird cuz I drew his face a little differently than how I normally draw side views.....Oh well.

Takoru is my favorite OC out of all of mine to draw ^^ Too bad I didn't include his awesome long hair in this's so fun.
Saiyuri by Saiyuri-Taiyou
This is the very first character that I EVER created. Saiyuri. My namesake here on this site. Her personality is based off of mine, but she is also kinda like an alter ego. I say that because, personally, I would probably never wear something like that, but I like to draw her in pretty stuff because I think she is one of the more beautiful characters I have created. 
Kage by Saiyuri-Taiyou
This guy is the first character that I ever made completely on my own....Man, I haven't drawn him in ages. Drawing him again was weird, and my style is so different that I didn't even know what to draw him in....


Saiyuri-Taiyou's Profile Picture
Saiyuri Taiyou
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States

Oh can you tell me, can you tell me, the way that this should work.
Just who’s inside of me? The monster pulling strings.
I’m broken, lying helpless, dying, surrounded by the world.
You stare and laugh with me, When you don’t see a thing.

I'm damaged now, and I'm breaking down,
Unraveled and can’t breath.
The truth I seek never felt so bleak, I
Feel it drop degrees. Freeze.

So breakable, unbreakable
So shakable, unshakable
Was shakin’ up, when I found you.

I’m standing here watching the world as it falls around me.
You’re so close, but I hope that you stop searching,
I don’t want you to foresee what I've become.
I don’t want to hurt you, It’s not my nature.
A monster born, I’m fading more, can’t be your savior.
I’m falling victim, Remember the old me.
As who I still should be.

The endless pain of solitude
Wraps tight around my fortitude.
Those memories inside me,
innocently they pierce through.

I can’t escape
I can’t escape this

There’s something deep inside of me,
A change was made, I can’t break free.
The darkness and the light collide,
Our fate ahead won’t be denied.
So breakable, unbreakable
So shakable, unshakable
These dirty hands, know they won’t touch you

I’m standing here watching the world as it falls around me.
You’re so close, but I hope that you stop searching,
I don’t want you to foresee what I've become.
I’m trapped in this cage that the world created.
Before my future melts away, I have to say this,
I’m falling faster, Remember who I was.

Remember who I once was
Please don’t forget me

There’s no turning back now, I know I’m paralyzed.
I’m trapped inside this paradise, and with this parasite,
I’m falling victim. Remember who I was.

Oh please tell me... Oh please tell me...
Just who’s inside of me? The monster pulling strings



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